2.8 Camshaft Seal replacement process
(Modified from RobsAudiworld.com)

Please edit accordingly...

This is how to replace the camshaft adjuster seal a.k.a the cam tensioner gasket on the head.

You need to set the engine at TDC, make sure cams are ligned up, remove the valve cover etc.

You don't need to remove the timing belt for this process which is very nice.

Tools Needed:
Metric Socket set (10mm socket)
Torque wrench - inch pound or small foot pound
Screw drivers
T-30 Torx Socket (for cam caps and tensioner)
Cam Tensioner Retainer tool 3366
White out – for marking cam chains and timing marks
  1. remove all plastics- covers, airbox etc... make as much room as you can.
  2. pull out the plug wires and set at the front of the engine bay
  3. remove the PCV tube clip from the valve cover (http://www.passatworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=191705 to replace)
  4. remove the 8 10mm nuts from the top of the valve cover (I stored them in a plastic cup)
  5. using a flat head screwdriver, pry a corner of the cover up to get the entire cover off. Took a little maneuvering to get off, but wasnt that hard.
  6. Take off the TB cover to expose the timing belt
  7. There are two 10mm bolts on the end of the intake cam that need to be removed to get the cam out of place. You can see these from inside the TB cover. Remove the bolts and move the cap aside.
  8. Once the cams are lined up and the engine is at TDC, to make it easier on yourself, grab some nail polish/paint marker and mark the marks on the chains on the cam and the one at the pulley for TDC. See the marks I made for the cam chain below. Notice the notch and the arrow line up with each other. Also, it is exactly 16 chain links to and from each notch. So keep that in mind for reassembly.external image DSCN11091.jpg
external image DSCN11081.jpg

Next, remove the bearing caps on the intake side. Make sure not to not mix them up or install them backwards. They are numbered which helps. You also need to undo the cam shaft position sensor. Once all the bearing caps are loose on the intake side, I also undid one exhaust cam bearing cap close the cam chain. 10. Place the bearing caps on a clean towel in the order they came off (for reassembly)11. Remove the two Torx bolts from the outside of the tensioner housing Next, install the special Audi tool for compressing the cam shaft tensioner. This tool is a MUST to do this job. Tighten it down, but be careful to not to go crazy. You should see slack in the chain once tightened like this. external image DSCN11111.jpg You'll need to remove the 13 mm nut that holds the power steering hose in place. (black hose at the top of the head, top of the picture below) It is located behind the head . Just follow the hose down and you'll see it. This is how the head should look right about now.
  1. external image DSCN11101.jpg

  • The cam probably won't pop right out, grab the cam on the rough casting (where you won't hurt it) and wiggle the cam back and forth to loosen it. Once the cam is loose, you can then rotate the whole cam with chain attached to the side just enough to get the gasket out from underneath it.
Here is an image of the cam being removed
external image DSCN11121.jpg

Here is a shot (from a 1.8T) of underneath the Tensioner where the 1/2 circle gasket goes just as a reference... (via http://www.taligentx.com/passat/)
external image vcg_11_gasket.jpg
Install the new gasket/seals.

Use a spot of RTV sealant on the corners

Reassembly is reverse of removal :)

Once reassembled, you want to rotate the engine by hand to make sure everything is OK. The 2.8 uses 24 MM 12 point socket on the main crank bolt. When you rotate, you'll see the cam chain marks won't line up again, that is normal. Just make sure there is 16 links apart from notch to notch and you are OK.